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                                   What does a School Resource Officer do?                                              BROOKINGS SEX  OFFENDERS  
                             Why do we need an SRO?                                                                                
                                   Why does the SRO need a gun?                                    
                                   What has our SRO been doing?    
                                     A. 2004-2005 C. 2006-2007
                                    B. 2005-2006
  D. 2007-2008   


Hello, my name is Officer Joe Fishbaugher.  I am a Police Officer with the Brookings Police Department.  I have held this position since 02/01/01.  I am also a School Resource Officer/Juvenile Officer with the Brookings Police Department and the Brookings School District .

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Every 15 minutes               Open your eyes (it can happen anywhere)
                                                                                 A.  Timeline of violence
                                                                                    B.  2003 - 2004 school year of violence
                                                                                    C.  2004 - 2005 school year of violence
                                                                                    D.  2005 - 2006 school  year of violence
                                                                                    E.   Satire on school violence

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